Christmas Gift Ideas from Escape

The Christmas Gift List from Escape Hair and Beauty, Calne, Wiltshire

What do YOU want for Christmas? Do you know? Have you written your list? Take inspiration from the Escape Hair and Beauty Salon in Calne‘s Christmas gift ideas below and give the gift of great hair and beauty this year. 


I’ve been so good this year. I’ve worked really hard, had yet another great year raising the kids, walked the dog (almost) every day, and tried my best to be good in all that I do. This year, for Christmas, I would love it if you could help me out with the gift of some treats to help me unwind, relax and look great. I do so much for everyone else that I would love to get a bit of “me time” back so I’m hoping you can help me look and feel good.

All I want for Christmas is… Longer, thicker hair!

Hair Extensions at Escape Hair in Calne could be my answer Father Christmas! These 100% natural human hair extensions can not only add length to my hair but also thickness too. You know from letters in previous years that I’ve always wanted hair like a celebrity and with the help of hair extensions at Escape I think you could help me achieve it!

All I want for Christmas is… beautiful, vibrant hair colour!

As an Aveda hair salon in Calne, Wiltshire, Escape are the hair colour experts who can help me out with this one Mr Xmas. You know I love rich, vibrant hair colour but I’m worried about chemicals on my delicate skin? Well I’ve found the answer in Aveda hair colour. With 97% plant derived organic ingredients, Aveda hair colour is kind to both my hair, skin AND the environment without compromising catwalk level hair colour that lasts! It would be amazing to create new, dramatic and on trend hair colour to make me look and feel younger again.

All I want for Christmas is… sleek, straight hair!

Hey Santa, there’s two ways I could achieve sleek, straight hair at Escape hairdressers in Calne

  • ghd Wonderland gift set comprising of a ghd V styler and ghd Air hairdryer in the new iridescent wonderland sheen.
  • Brazilian blow dry for long lasting sleek, smooth hair for up to three months!

Of course, if you’re feeling generous and you fancy bringing me both the ghd Christmas gift pack and booking me in for a Brazilian blow dry then I’ll love you forever and leave some extra sherry out for you on Christmas Eve. 

All I want for Christmas is… Hollywood high definition eyebrows!

Oh Father Christmas this is something that you should definitely consider for Mrs Claus! HD Brows are just amazing. I’m sure you’ve heard of them but if not, HD Brows is a professional eyebrow treatment that not only shapes and defines your natural eyebrows but it can help you transform even the most over-plucked eyebrows. Our eyebrows are so important and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to your face when you get HD Brows at Escape, Calne. They frame the face, balance your features and make you look like a Hollywood starlet! Pretty please with cherry on the top could you get HD Brows in Wiltshire for me? The celebs have even compared the effects of HD Brows to a mini facelift! Honestly, they’re THAT good.

All I want for Christmas is… magnificently manicured, gorgeous gel nails!

My hands work so hard all year Father Christmas. I mean, all that housework, typing, washing up, cuddling the kids… it’s playing havoc with my nails! One solution I’ve found is the range of amazing nail treatments at Escape Hair and Beauty in Calne

I’m particularly loving;

At the moment, I would love a set of acrylic nails to lengthen and strengthen my natural nails. The range of colours with CND Shellac and Nail Harmony Gelish means I can have high impact nail colour that is long lasting, strong and shiny. It also looks fantastic on my toes and as it doesn’t wear as quick as normal nail polish, I can have fancy feet too! 

Thanks Santa,

from Laura
aged 32

PS – If you’re not sure what days I’m available to book me in for any of these treatments and you want it to be a surprise, you can always pop into Escape Hair and Beauty Salon in Calne, Wiltshire and get hairdressing and beauty salon gift vouchers so I can go in and book it myself.

You can find Escape Hair and Beauty Salon in Calne on Wood Street, Calne, SN11 0BZ or give them a call on 01249 816909.