2014 Hair Trends from Escape Salon, Calne

2014 Hair Trends from Escape Salon, Calne

2014 Hot Hairstyles from Escape – Hairdressers in Calne, Wiltshire

As we kiss goodbye to 2013 and let in the New Year, we are looking to the future and predicting the hot hairstyle trends of 2014.

What will be the must have hairstyle of 2014? Which hairstyles, hair colours and hair cuts will be popular in 2014? We’ve dusted off our crystal ball at our Hairdressers in Calne and made a guess as to what will be the hot hair trends of 2014.

Deep Side Partings in 2014

Side partings in 2014 will be deep and potentially slicked down, following on from the 2013 slick hair trend. Part your hair as far over as it will naturally allow and use a good quality hair product to stick your side parting in place.

Gold Accessories in 2014

Gold is the big accessory colour of 2014. Whether you accent your 2014 hairstyle with gold headbands, gold hair slides, gold flecks in the hair or even a gold accent in your side parting, just make sure it’s gold and you’ll be bang on trend.

Windswept Hair in 2014

Romantic sweeping hair made a big appearance on all the international catwalks at the back end of last year. Tousled and windswept hair is set to rise in popularity in 2014, which given the recent stormy weather might mean we all have a good chance of being on trend with this one!

2014 Hair Colours

Say goodbye to the dreary and dark winter months with an injection of bold, bright and vibrant hair colour trends in 2014. How bold will you go? How daring could you be? With dramatic purples, greens and oranges on the hair colours of 2014 hot list, it’s up to you how far you take it.

For more on hair colour services in Calne, take a look at our hair colour at Escape Hair & Beauty Salon.

Straight Hair in 2014

Put your rollers to bed and say hello to the straight hair trend of 2014. A perfect blow dry at Escape, hairdressers in Calne will ensure you get this 2014 hairstyle just right thanks to our conditioning treatments for glossy, healthy hair and our perfect blow dry finish. Don’t forget to ensure you keep up to date with your maintenance appointments to ensure your hair remains in the best condition for this straight hair trend.

New Year Hair at Escape, Calne

If you’re looking to escape and create the best hairstyle of your life, start 2014 on the right foot with a visit to Escape, hairdressers in Calne. If you’ve never been to our Wiltshire hairdressers before then take advantage of our new client offer and get £10 off your first visit to Escape hairdressers in Calne. Call us on 01249 819858 to book your new year hair appointment or book online here.