Aveda Neo/Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

Aveda Neo/Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

Every season brings a chance to energise our artistry with what is new. We were inspired by the Gothic darkness on the runways, but took it in a direction of our own. We added fragility to the look, and romance, also drew upon the graphic futurism of Japanese manga and anime.  The look is Goth and much more.

Antoinette Beenders Aveda Global Creative Director

Feeling Red

We took red in every direction, from deep to bright, for this collection. We played with the full palette of red tones  violet, copper, orange and found there’s a match for every skin tone, every hair cut. Reds are ideal for the strong, precise haircuts we are seeing this season. Saturated violet/red colour allows this cuts shape to come through, and colour blocking lights up the multi-directional layers like a prism.

Ian Michael Black Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Colour

Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012 purple hair colour

Tokyo Tones

I live in Tokyo and people there want to make a statement. For this colour, I melted together two reds: deeper and darker near the head, and bright red through the lengths. Depending on how you style it, you will see different colours. When it’s down, the dark red creates the illusion of shadow, and accentuates the brightness and movement in the lengths. When it’s up (on book cover), you see bold, vibrant colour.

Yuji Odawa Master Colourist, Aveda Japan

Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

We took so much inspiration from Japan this season, the big eyes of manga cartoons, the brightness of anime. This style is shaped like a Japanese geisha’s traditional style, yet it looks and feels modern, even futuristic, and has our collection’s gothic edge.

Allen Ruiz Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Styling


Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012 

When your hair colour changes, your makeup should change with it. Here, for her new hair colour, I chose makeup shades that harmonize and stay in the same red palette. Her lips are saturated in colour and her eyes are richly contoured. Yet the warm red tones are more organic, and blending keeps the look soft and sophisticated.

Janell Geason Aveda Artistic Director, Makeup

Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

Shattered Remix

An inverse edge and multi-directional cut gives her choices: she can wrap-dry it and manipulate her silhouette to get edgy, or sweep the asymmetrical fringe and kick out the larger pieces at the bottom for more subtlety. Its moveable, it’s changeable, and she can control the direction.

Ricardo Dinis Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Cutting

Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012

The Diametric Cut

The cut pulls diametric opposites together. There’s strength here and also softness. The lines are graphic, but frayed. The hard edges are rounded off so you’ll see more movement and subtle modification. I look at fashion and design and see designers adding roundness to straight, geometric lines. They are mixing hard and soft, knocking off the edges. That’s the newness behind this cut.

Tristin Morrison Senior Creative Director, Aveda Canada


Aveda Neo Goth Collection Autumn Winter 2012