Escape Hair & Beauty are OFFICIAL HD Brows Stylists!

Escape Hair & Beauty are OFFICIAL HD Brows Stylists!

High Definition Eyebrows at Escape Hair & Beauty, Calne

HD Brows Escape hair and beauty salon calneHD Brows is the must have celebrity treatment of the moment, carefully designed to dramatically enhance your eyebrows – and we are proud to be Official Stylists at our Calne Hair & Beauty Salon!

We have been using HD Brows at Escape Hair & Beauty for just over 3 years now – and we still can’t get enough! So much so, that one of our lovely Stylists, Sara, has just taken her pro course in HD Brows, and next years she hopes to do a Masters!

The treatment is a high-precision procedure that transforms your eyebrows into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. HD brows is true eyebrow artistry and isn’t just a case of shaping and tidying up your eyebrows.

This incredible eyebrow beauty treatment defines the natural beauty of your eyebrows – and your HD brow stylist at our Wiltshire Beauty Salon will assess your face shape, colouring and natural brows to determine the best result for you.

It’s much more than just eyebrow shaping…

HD Brows Escape Hair and beauty salon calne chippenhamEyebrows are as individual as fingerprints, and our tailored procedure transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into perfect arches to suit the wearers face.

Taking between 30-45 minutes, the HD Brows experience features tinting, waxing and threading, with stylists using a specially design formula to give you perfectly defined brows.

Every HD Brows treatment is absolutely exclusive, as our stylists assess the shape of your face and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.

Even if you have sparse areas, hope is not lost!

Our expert stylists at Escape Hair & Beauty will work with you on a re-growth programme to achieve the perfect brows for you.

HD Brows have truly revolutionised eyebrow care to give everyone that extra look-good and more importantly feel-good factor.

Why not give them a try?! 

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If you would like to transform your brows for the better, why not book an appointment at our Calne Hair & Beauty Salon – and prepare yourself to be amazed at the results! Contact a member of our friendly team today on or book online here.