Eyebrows – The Ultimate Accessory for 2013

Eyebrows — The Ultimate Accessory for 2013

Eyebrows: they are a serious business for 2013.

Once upon time, they were plucked and preened to achieve that definitive “arch” style that became so famous in the late nineties and early “noughties”, thanks to Hollywood superstars such as Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

Eyebrows – Trends for Spring/Summer 2013


But as we look to key trends for the coming seasons, we are now seeing them worn in their “full” glory and being used as the ultimate accessory on the catwalks.

For Spring/Summer 2013, we are seeing acclaimed European designers such as Chanel, dressing eyebrows to compliment their new collections and in turn demonstrating the 2013 eyebrow trend of thick, dark and full eyebrows.

This of course means that we should forget waxing and threading and get ready to grow out our brows in time for the spring season.

The “Scouse Brow”

One of the most popular looks in recent months has been the infamous “Scouse Brow”.

Depicted from the TV series, “Desperate Scousewives”, the “Scouse Brow” describes the dark and full brow that has become somewhat prevalent in celebrity culture – even the Duchess of Cambridge has become famous for rocking her very own version of the “Scouse Brow”.

Keeping up with Kim

Another eyebrow style proving considerably sought after, is that of Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s eyebrows are considered one of the most natural shapes, framing her eyes and face beautifully. Her look also embodies the very fashionable, full eyebrow trend, perfectly.

And as this current trend sweeps the fashion and beauty industires, it has now even been said that your geographical whereabouts can be determined by your brow style. No, really! Have a read…

The North: like their Scouse-brow which is dark and mainly drawn on.

The South: like a similar look, in so far as the brow is dark and full but the colour and shape is more natural.

The Welsh: apparently like the more traditional soft arch:

The Midlands go for half arch, smiley-face type eyebrows.

And if all of this is to be believed, then the Irish will be sporting the thin “tadpole” look for their brows. Somebody better tell them to step away from the tweezers…