Festival Hair Inspiration from Escape Hair & Beauty, Calne

Festival Hair Inspiration from Escape Hair & Beauty, Calne

Get Festival Ready This Summer With Escape Hair & Beauty, Calne

2014 Festival Hair Trends summer hair calne hairdressersAn abundance of festivals on your to-do list this summer?

Wondering which festival-inspired look is perfect for you?

Then let us guide you through the creative and often whimsical journey of the festival hairstyle!

Cool, festival-vibe hair is about artistic expression more than anything else. A place where you can experiment with lots of fabulous hairstyles and hair accessories that you may not have been brave enough to try normally.

Yet, for even the most experienced festival-goer among us, the lingering possibility of a disastrous hair emergency (that no amount of frantically applied dry shampoo can salvage) is never too far away. The hot, humid summer weather, combined with days of dancing like a lunatic, seem to point to all things Hermione Granger. Great.

Not to worry – that’s where Escape Hair & Beauty Salon, Calne come in! Here, we take a look a nostalgic look back at our favourite festival hairstyles from across the years, as well as showcasing what’s hot for 2014. If festival hair inspiration is what you’re after – you’ve came to the right place!

Where It All Began…

StevieNicks2In order to truly appreciate what festival hairstyles are all about, we take a quick look back to where it all began. During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, infamous festivals such as Woodstock and Glastonbury saw women let their hair flow naturally, into tousled, messy waves, paired with the occasional loose plait.This look would of course become iconic and synonymous with the music festival itself, and is still adorned by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and other festival goers far and wide!



Flower Power

summer-hairstyle-trends-flower-crown-600x900For those of you who have been to a music festival before, you will know how just how much of a life saver the flowery headdress really is. Second best to only a hat – this god send of an accessory not only looks great, but also covers up any unsightly looking hair that may be lurking underneath (especially around day 3 – eep). Looks great when worked into a messy up-do style, or simply worn over natural, flowing waves. We Channel your inner-hippy with this classic festival hair trend.




90’s Nostalgia

tumblr_mpo6tclnfs1s4rk8mo1_500We have seen a revival of all things grunge and punk on many AW/14 Runways – two major influencing factors on ’90s hairstyles. ‘Multi-buns’ were huge throughout the 90’s, and although it may take a while to execute – you will be set for a good few days. ‘Alien buns’ as seen on Whitney Port and Rita Ora recently (very much inspired by 90’s demi-god Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt) are also set to be festival hair favourites this year. High, exploding pony-tails are also making a comeback, and when combined with a good ol’ scrunchie they equal 90’s hair heaven. Who would of thought it?! Either way, 90’s styles are sure to keep you looking bang on trend this summer. 



Boho Braids & Plaits

44660812dcbea6ebb44055ca29f79febBraids have had somewhat of a revolution in the past couple of years, with a quick search on pinterest bringing up dozens of tutorials. From Fishtail to Waterfall to Crown, there are plenty of new and exciting braiding methods to try out. Best of all? A firm braid will look good all day long – PERFECT for those long festival days! No good at braiding? Not to worry. Add a few simple plaits to messy, flowing locks (at the front of your hair parting) to achieve a similar look in a matter of seconds.




Top Knotch

music_festival_hairstyles_for_women_messy_bunIt’s time to toss the hair brush to one side with this modern classic festival hairstyle! The ‘top knot’ could not be simpler to create – simply use your fingers to style, making sure you leave out some messy, stray pieces of hair on purpose. Effortlessly chic, combine with feather hair extensions or a unique hair accessory to give it that festival edge.




Colour Me Up

chalk-hair-7While you may not be quite ready to rock lilac tresses full time, you can always try chalking in a few fun streaks for the festival season! Playful, vibrant hair colours such as purple, turquoise, pink, and blue, are becoming increasingly common on the festival circuit – and rightly so! With recent advances in hair dye, they’re also becoming easier to achieve. At Escape Hair & Beauty, our expert hair colour technicians offer the most advanced permanent colour if you’re feeling adventurous. 




Get Festival Ready at Escape Hair & Beauty, Calne

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