Hair Trends – The Ultimate Looks for 2013

Hair Trends — The Ultimate Looks for 2013

The hairstyles and haircuts we wear evolve with each passing year, just as the clothes we wear change from season to season. Following 2013′s fashion trend, it’s no surprise that the most popular hair trends for the year, are the ones that are the most effortless; busy lifestyles and a desire for versatility puts complex hairstyles on the back-burner, while classics with a twist prove the most popular weapons in our 2013 hairstyle arsenal. That said there’s no reason why your hair cut or hair colour for 2013, can’t be bold or make a statement.


Beautiful Buoyant Bobs

As far as short haircuts for 2013 go, “The Bob” is set to be sure-fire winner in the trend stakes. The ultimate short hair cut of 2013, the bob is back in a versatile and modern way.

Luscious Long Locks

For those managing to grow their hair longer, this look is still as desirable as ever and is one of the hottest hair trends for 2013. The trend on the runways suggests a hair length that just reaches the chest, since the look hints at something a little mythological (think ancient goddesses and mermaids) – anything longer starts to cross over into medieval maiden territory and begins to lose the “sex appeal.”

The long hair trend can be cut in two ways: blunt or layered. If your hair is straight and all one length, a blunt cut can work as a straight and sleek look. If you have some layers, especially through the front, then you’ve still got the right foundations for an on-trend long hairstyle.

Fringe Benefits

From grungy, ‘indie’ bangs to a more slick interpretation; “the fringe” has been lingering on the hair trends list for several years. In spring 2013 and beyond, a hairstyle with a fringe is still an option for those wanting a new haircut.

Ponytail Princess

It’s a trend you can’t miss: ponytails that sit low to the nape of the neck. As a 2013 hair trend, the ponytail takes on many forms: loose and messy, neat and tight, sometimes with a unique twist or two. The common theme is to keep it low.

Cool Colours

We’re seeing the recessionista’s  favourite hair colour trend for 2013, Ombre (also known as two-toned/dip dye), still firmly at the top of the charts for hair colour trends 2013. Make sure you also keep a look out for pastel shades (baby blues and lavenders) and bright all over hair colour trends, such as pinks and reds! Be daring and try a new stand out hair colour for 2013!