LVL Lashes & Let’s Go at Escape

LVL Lashes & Let’s Go at Escape

Let’s Go Lashes (previously Blink & Go)

Let’s Go Lashes (previously Blink and Go lashes) offer our clients at our beauty salon in Calne instant glamour and are quicker than any other eyelash extension treatment. Dubbed ‘the lash in a flash’, there are now 3 types of Let’s Go Lashes treatments available and they are incredibly quick and simple to apply– making it perfect for busy girls who want a quick transformation! Let’s Go Lashes can even be done in your lunch hour, providing maximum convenience for our customers throughout Calne and the surrounding areas.

These are the three types of Let’s Go Lashes:

  • Let’s Go Express Lashes
  • Let’s Go Cluster Lashes
  • Let’s Go Strip Lashes

Read below for more information about our three types of Let’s Go Lashes  


let's go lashes

Let's go lashes

Let's go lashes

Let's go lashes

Let’s Go Lashes

Let’s Go Express Lashes – The Let’s Go Express lash treatment takes 20 minutes and the lashes are individually applied, ensuring a full and even look which guarantees longer, thicker and more luxurious lashes for up to 2 weeks.

Let’s Go Cluster Lashes – Taking just 10 minutes, the Let’s Go Cluster lash treatment uses cluster application and creates a full and soft result that lasts up to 1 week.

Let’s Go Strip Lashes – Let’s Go Strip lashes are purchased at our salon and then either applied professionally by us or by you at home in just 5 minutes. Ideal for a special occasion, they last one day and night and guarantee a glamorous look.

Lets Go Lashes offer a range of styles, including regular, colour and unique designer lashes, as well as bottom lashes for a further enhanced and dramatic result. These Let’s Go Lashes treatments are the quickest eyelash extension methods available and ensure the same full and luxurious result just in a smaller time-frame.

The salon technicians at Escape are all fully trained and highly experienced and their technical ability, combined with the high quality products we use, ensure the highest possible standard results. So whatever the occasion, from full-on glam for a party or wedding, to a natural, every day look, give us a call at Escape today!


Longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions!


LVL Lashes – How it works

The extensive selection of eyelash treatments we provide here at Escape, includes the innovative LVL Lashes. The LVL Lashes treatment eliminates the need for false lash extensions and, instead, lifts your lashes from the root for a longer, thicker, more glamorous result.

LVL stands for length, volume and lift and the LVL Lashes treatment enhances your lashes naturally, without the need for extensions. Instead of using false eyelashes, LVL Lashes uses an innovative lengthening technique and utilises a new silicon shield to lift and extend your eyelashes from the root. The result with LVL Lashes is dramatically enhanced lashes and a glamorous, wide-eyed effect.

A full LVL Lashes application takes a minimum of 45 minutes and the stunning results last for an astonishing 2-3 months. The LVL Lashes treatment causes no damage to your lashes and is completely pain-free; in fact it is considered to be very relaxing. Each LVL Lashes treatment we conduct includes an eyelash tint, eliminating the need for mascara and creating an even more striking and luxurious result. 

Before & After LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes before after

LVL Lashes before after

LVL Lashes before after


LVL Lashes at Escape 

The dedicated team at Escape Beauty Salon in Calne use the highest quality products and advanced techniques to ensure the most superior LVL Lashes results, guaranteeing you will leave happy, relaxed and completely satisfied with your new look. So for a long-lasting, natural lash LVL Lashes treatment, contact the experts at Escape today!