Winter Hair and Skincare Advice

Winter Hair and Skincare Advice

Top Tips for Winter Hair & Beauty from Escape Hair Salon in Calne

Winter is coming! As the temperature drops with the change of season, our skin, hair and nails can really suffer. With whipping cold winds, dry air, cold air outside and central heating on inside, it can often strip moisture from your pores and strands.

Your skin can often become dry, sore and itchy – and your hair can be left feeling rough, frizzy and lacking in vitality. With Escape’s top tips for winter hair and beauty survival, you can say goodbye to unsightly cracked hands and wind burnt faces!

TLC For Skin

beautyAs we wrap up in layers, your face is constantly exposed to the harsh winter elements and battles the changing temperatures, wind and rain. If you are brave enough to enjoy the great outdoors when it is chilly out, protect the skin on your face by applying a highly moisturising face cream with a high SPF to protect from windburn and even worst winter sun burn.

Autumn/ Winter is a perfect time of year to relax and treat your skin to an Aveda facial at our salon in Calne. All face, body and massage treatment times include a 15 minute consultation, during which time you will experience a foot ritual and an Aroma Sensory Journey.

Winter Haircare

kebeloNow is the time to say goodbye to bad hair days! Even on a wet and rainy day, that usually creates a stressful morning as you try to avoid getting frizzy during the cold Winter months, discover beautiful smooth hair with our Kebelo Smoothing System.

It gives you 100 days of frizz-free, easy to manage, healthy, shiny hair. If you suffer with dry, damaged, frizzy or unruly hair, then this is the solution for you and your hair this season.



Get Your Winter Tan On

spray-tanThe positive effects of a cold-weather tan can be mentally liberating and make you feel more confident for all the parties and social events. We all feel better with a tan (especially at the Christmas Party!) and airbrush tanning is a more popular and safer way to gain a tan, as it avoids exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

The team of professional beauty therapists at our Beauty Salon in Calne offer St.Tropez Spray Tan, letting you looked stunningly tanned all rear round.