X Factor Hair 2012

X Factor Hair 2012

Our pick of the best X Factor hair of 2012

Celebrity Hairdresser Jamie Stevens has had the daunting but exciting task of styling the X Factor contestants for the 2012 competition.  The individual looks and hairstyles are all up to Jamie and his team, a very important role as let’s be honest we don’t just vote on contestants’ musical talent and ability but the overall look and their personality plays a huge part too (take Rylan for example).

Each week Jamie has to match the contestants’ X Factor hair to their outfits and song choice whilst also remaining true to their own individual personalities and style.

Here are some of our favourites when it comes to X Factor Hair 2012:

Union J X Factor hair1) Union J’s Individual X Factor Hair

It would be very easy for a boyband to all look and dress the same however these days we seemed to have moved away from uniformity when it comes to ensemble groups and instead individual members of the band are encouraged to show the different sides to their style and personality.  Union J are a perfect example of that with their array of different X Factor Hair.  From modern twists on 50’s quiffs to mid length choppy floppy hair to short and spiky these boys have all bases covered when it comes to different men’s X Factor hair styles.

Ella Henderson waterfall braid X Factor Hair2) Ella Henderson’s Waterfall Plait/Braid

This intricate and striking style is so pretty and matches Ella’s youth, personality  and look as a vintage inspired modern day English Rose.  When she wore her hair in this style Twitter was awash with comments and compliments and when the X Factor style team posted this pic of Ella having the style created onto their Instagram account the likes went through the roof!  A very pretty and well matched X Factor hair style to Ella as an individual.

3) Rylan’s Variety of Hairstyles

Do you remember Rylan’s first X Factor audition?  When he turned up wearing blonde hair extensions?  Well they sure got him noticed and the boy did good remaining in the competition for so long.  Maybe his different looks and different hairstyles each week helped keep him in and keep us as viewers guessing where his style would take him next? Whether it was a short peroxide blonde crop or greased back slick dark style Rylan most definitely stood out each week with his X Factor hair.

Jade Pink hair X Factor hair4) Jade’s Pink X Factor Hair

Jade’s undercut was given a feminine and softer edge with long flowing loose and sophisticated waves.  To keep her edge and maintain some vibrancy to her style, her hair was dyed pink to complement this dress in particular but help make Jade stand out against a tough line up of stiff competition.  We thought the pink X Factor hair hue really suited her.

Jahmene X Factor hair5) Jahmene’s X Factor Tramlines

Little Jahmene’s X Factor hair style looked like it was doomed to remain the same throughout the series until Jamie Stevens and his team created one very simple but striking feature to his hair – a tramline! This one tiny change to Jahmene’s appearance and look all of a sudden transformed the supermarket worker from shy and reserved into someone with a bit more of an edge – something he really needed!


X Factor Hair at Escape

If you’ve seen a hair style you love on your favourite X Factor contestant and want to recreate it, book in with one of our expert hair stylists and colourists who will be able to advise on the best look and technique for you, matching your chosen X Factor hair style as best as we can.  Call or pop along to our hairdressing salon in Calne today.