Blonde Hair Colour for Summer

Blonde Hair Colour for Summer


Blonde Hair Colour Guide

Blonde hair is THE hair colour to have this Summer. Whether you want to be a platinum blonde bombshell, or girl-next-door darker blonde babe or a sunkissed honey blonde then look no further. Escape hair salon in Calne have the guide for you to take a look at and decide what your dream blonde hair colour is and we have the salon to turn that dream into a reality!

Blonde hair is a versatile hair colour and with a blonde hair colour to suit all skin tones there is a blonde hair colour for you!

Honey Blonde Hair Colour

Honey Blonde hair is a sweet and bright blonde hair colour. It is a great choice if you are after a brunette to blonde transformation. Also a great hair colour choice for the holidays because this hair colour looks phenomenal with a tan and some blonde highlights gives it a real sunkissed feel, perfect for the beach.

Jennifer Aniston has always been a hair icon! All hairdressers worldwide have been asked to recreate Jennifer’s hair whether it’s the cut, colour or both! Jennifer keeps her hair in pristine condition with regular trims and avoids over processing her hair. Jennifer’s warm honey blonde hair is a great match for her tanned skin. Whether your tan is natural or out of a bottle this hair colour can look great with your tan.

Ashley Olsen has chosen a more sandy honey blonde hair colour which is a great hair colour for almost all skin tones.

For more on hair colour services in Calne, take a look at our hair colour at Escape Hair & Beauty Salon, Wiltshire.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour

Platinum blonde hair is a fierce, attention-grabbing hair colour and not for the faint-hearted is always a popular hair colour.

Christina Aguilera has chosen a white-blonde platinum hair colour. Christina exhibits how good the ashy, cool platinum hair colour shade looks with a more tanned skin tone.

Platinum blonde hair can be worn with a warmer more golden hue like Gwen Stefani’s.  Paler skin tones will suit the warmer version of the platinum blonde hair colour.

Both platinum blondes add some ‘pop’ to their hair colours with some bright red lippie!

Dark Blonde Hair Colour

If your after a more natural blonde hair colour then dark blonde hair may be the way forward for you. Dark blonde hair colour is a great hair colour for medium skin tones.

Dark blonde hair looks great with highlights and or lowlights. Brightening dark blonde hair up with some scattered highlights makes this hair colour suitable for lighter skin tones. Dark blonde hair is the easiest blonde hair colour to maintain as natural roots don’t appear as quickly as with some brighter blonde hair colours.

Sarah Jessica Parker opts for an ashy dark blonde hair with some brighter tips adding a wispy beachy feel to her hair.

Hilary Duff adds highlights and stretched roots to her dark blonde hair colour brightening up the ends and darkening the roots gives her hair an ombre effect. This hair colour is a perfect choice for this Spring Summer.

With so many blonde hair colours to choose from, which are you going to go for? For advice on blonde hair colour give one of our friendly team a call at our hair salon in Calne on Hair: 01249 819858 Beauty: 01249 816909