Oscars 2013 Hair Styles

Oscars 2013 Hair Styles

The Hairstyles from the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet



Catherine Zeta-Jones looked in a beautiful gold dress.  The actress always impresses on the red carpet in the hair and fashion stakes. We love her long dark brown hair parted just off centre finished in loose waves.  This look has been created with some finger waves for Catherine’s Oscars 2013 Hair style.  We love how her hair is sitting to one side. Catherine certainly knows how to tick all the boxes!

Jennifer Hudson never fails us!  The singer wears her black hair with a thick blunt cut fringe on the Oscars Red Carpet.  Hair extensions  add volume and length to the hairstyle.

Reese Wetherspoon looked very glamourous at the 2013 Oscars. Her golden blonde hair worn heavier on one side and neatly tucked behind her ear was a classic hairstyle. Reese wears the top of her hair a little tighter and slicker than the ends on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway has grown her pixie crop out a little.  Her long swept fringe is flattering against her pale complexion. Her medium brown hair colour choice is a subtle natural choice perfect for her pale skin tone.

Charlize Theron chose a winning combination with her honey blonde hair, white peplum dress and golden tan. Charlize looked happy and confident and her short cropped hairstyle shows off her gorgeous features.

Halle Berry messed her short hair style up a little for the red carpet.  Halle has added some golden highlights to her chocolate brown hair colour which is a great hair colour choice against her tanned skin tone.

Fatima Ptacek wore a very age appropriate upstyle for the Oscars.  Fatima had her hair tidily slicked back into a tight ballet knot finished off with a braid.

Helena Bonham Carter got people talking with this hairstyle.  The messy hairstyle she chose to adorn for the Oscars will not be the envy of women worldwide.  We don’t know what her (or her very overpaid stylist!) were thinking.

Kristen Chenoweth opted for a typical day-to-night upstyle.  We think it’s a great hair style for the Oscars and Kristen looks great.

Beards to men are like Mulberry to women. Beards are definitely on trend at the minute and with stars such as Ben Affleck sporting them no wonder men everywhere are trying to copy!

Daniel radcliffe looks very sauve on the Red Carpet at the 2013 Oscars although a little more clean shaven than Ben but we think Daniel suits this look!  The hairstyle with more length on top and shorter back and sides is very popular this season.

George Clooney looks very confident on the red carpet at the Oscars.  George has chosen to go for the bearded look aswell but we think it’s a little TOO long.  He is bordering on the Tom Hanks ‘Cast Away’ look and a slightly tighter shave would be a little more flattering and younger looking on Mr Clooney!